I’ve got Butterflies – The arrival of Andreas Strehler Papillion d’or

Two years ago I made the journey to Andreas Strehler’s Atelier and had the opportunity to place my hands on his impressive watches and tour his facilities. See the post from then here.

Papillion and Andreas Strehler at his workbench

Today I picked up the results of that meeting – my own Papillion d’or.

The day started terribly – I over slept by 2 plus hours waking in a panic and angry at myself and my phone. I pinged Andreas team, showered, and rushed to meet Andreas.

Full apologies made, Andreas began the unboxing.

The watch remains one that MUST be seen to be fully appreciated. The depth and layers, the uniqueness of the case shape and size, and the surprisingly easy to read hands on a fully skeletonized movement just don’t come out in photos.

Papillion d’or in all it’s glory

Seeing this altogether again in one place was striking. Placing on my wrist energizing. Realizing it was mine and I could take it home – really!?

For clues on the depth and layers look to:

  • the soaring height and reflections in the inner ring of the case,
  • the thickness of the bridge holding the butterfly up,
  • the edge of the chapter ring above the butterfly,
  • the edge of the name/number plate which site on the “floor” of the plate,
  • and the depth below that plate where the escape and spring are visible.

The blued hands are above the chapter ring capping off the endless layers.

The layers around the Papillion

Here are a few other images including the back which is expressive in a different way with the power reserve, sun rays pattern and exposed escapement.

Sun rays on the rear
Another angle of the front

If you are considering one (or not for that matter) take the opportunity to see one in person should you have the opportunity. It will change your impressions and feelings of the piece and the brand.